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Platform for open-process cooperation

gComm(o)ns is a Free Software platform enabling more open-process participation and cooperation through fine-grained control over objects and processes.

First products are Journal and Conference enabling easier running and more open processes in academic peer-reviewed publishing and conferences.

Open Data (openness of the sources) and Open Access are not enough, they are necessary prerequisites.

Openness of the entire work process ought to be the default in majority of instances (medical record is example of an exception).

Closures, including closed processes, are historically put in place to create and protect private property, political privilege and power over few over many.

Software and organizational changes are required to open up processes. Fine-grained control over objects and processes in cooperation is necessary to have the confidence in the desired effects of opening up. This in turn enables open-process cooperation.

Participation through open processes requires time.

This is a module for running journals. Some features:

  • Single online system submissions and management of content
  • Workflows - defined submission states [ workflows | states&actions ]
  • Editorial groups create them easily [ more ]
  • State-portlets (widgets) show all submissions in a stage [ more ]
  • Automated emails customizable and sent for key actions
  • Overview all submitted papers states & pending action [ more ]
  • Research Threads new type of clustering/producing research [ more ]
  • Personal dashboard configurable portlets (widgets) [ more ]
  • Multiple peer reviewing models optional open-process elements
  • Indexing with search server indexed auto-complete search
  • Call for Papers easily sharable in ical/vcal/gcal formats [ more ]
  • Editorial Meeting event, submissions available zip archive
  • Components Issue, Research Thread , CFP , Article, Draft [ more ]

This is a module for organizing conferences. Some features:

  • Inherits all Journal features
  • Several types of sessions customizable via an xml file [ example ]
  • Choice of session/panel at the time of submission [ more ]
  • Confirm participation for authors with accepted submissions [ more ]
  • Confirmation letters generated for visitors needing visas

Live sites

  • Issues, Special Issues, Research Threads

    a journal can contain any number of these

  • Call for papers

    deadline, duration, multiple exports to calendars

  • Overview: state of each article, multiple criteria

    for editors to asses the entire workflow

  • State portlets: tables with latest articles

    a portlet/table for each state of the publishing process.

  • Actions for Editorial board state

  • Personal Dashboard

    each editor can choose individually which portlets to see

  • Workflow diagram

    all possible states&steps through which a submission can pass

  • Submit article form

  • Article types

    editors can define types and descriptions in config xml file through Web


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